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We are a happily married couple, living in the Midwest. We are almost 30 (in a year or so), have no kids, no pets, and no debt. We work standard 9-5 jobs in the office. Our goal in life is to retire in around 45 (about 15 more years of work), because life is too short to spend it working all the time. To achieve our goal, we save a significant portion of our income and do not incur new debt. However, we do not believe that retiring early means depriving ourselves of fun, new experiences, and focusing only on saving.

While the country was going through the financial crisis, we were lucky to be going in the opposite direction. We able to take advantage of the housing market and was able to move into the house we own 2 years ago.

We love technology, gadgets, and home automation. Ms. Y is a total foodie and loves to cook new things.

This blog is a great way to keep us on track, one penny at a time. We will share our stories and experiences in our journey towards a very early retirement.


  1. Nice to meet you and good luck in your goals! For being only 30, you're kicking butt! I'm from the Midwest myself (Chicago) and love that region of the country.

    1. Thanks for visiting our blog. We are close to where you used to live. We have been getting lots of snow and it has been very very cold.


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