Y Household Feb Spending

I know it is almost the middle of March. But here it is - in the month of February, we spent less than $900, but on groceries alone, we spent $187.26. We were over our budget of $150.

Compared to our January grocery bill, that is $60 higher. The very first week of February, we spent around $100. Well, we replenished our meats from Costco and Whole Foods that week. We usually do our Costco run during the first or second week of the month depending on the start date of the coupon book.

For the first two months of 2014, we did not eat out at all. Mrs Y has been cooking all the meals and Mr Y has been bringing all his lunches to work. When examining our 2013 spending, we realized that we spent quite a bit eating out, but mostly when we were travelling. Our goal this year is to reduce that spending but that does not mean missing out great food while travelling. We will continue to explore local favorites when we travel.

Even though we are over the budget for the month of February, we were still able to control it under $200. We will see how we will do in the upcoming months.


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