Y Household March Spending

During the month of March, we spent significantly more on groceries. As the weather warms up, fruits and vegetables are more in season, so we ended up eating more fresh vegetables. We also spent more and stocked on food when they went on sale. We made multiple trips to Costco as well and stocked up on meat, and now our freezer is finally full and we won't need things for a while.

Mrs. Y started working again towards the end of March and started her very long commute. As part of the preparation for the new situation, we started to prepare and cook more on Sunday. This also led Mrs. Y to start experimenting with making her own frozen food. We did not like the high sodium content and other artificial ingredients in most store brought frozen foods and we wanted to keep our promise of consuming less processed food. Making our own frozen food has been an adventure so far, and it is very interesting that there is actually a whole new community out there for this type of thing. 

We also did not want to go out to eat or order take out all the time. So far for 2014, we ate out once so far - which has been good for our expenses.


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