We recently went on a trip of lifetime, spending a week in Alaska. The wildness and the lack of internet made us want to retire more than ever. It allowed me to breath in the fresh air, to look at the blue sky, and not worry about what might have happened at work.

We also wondered what we would do with all our time once we do retired. My three months adventure as an unemployed/stay at home housewife ended with boredom and disappointment. Spending 24 hours inside the house during the winter months was not very fun. It felt like being trapped. Housewife duties ended pretty quickly, since there was so much cooking and cleaning to be done every day.

The journey into the wilderness made us realize that there is nature out there for us to explore, and many free resources around us that should be utilized. We were not very outdoorzy. It was always either too hot or too cold or the sun was too bright. During our trip, we discovered the enjoyment of hiking. Hiking is also a form of exercise that keeps us healthy. Now we finally understand why many FI bloggers enjoy it.

Our trip to Alaska also opened our eyes to the way we see travel. We always hated tour groups so we never went with one. However, this trip was different. We walked, hiked, ate, and learned with a small group of people. It did cost much more than our usual trips, but it was worth every penny.

Financial independence will allow us to do more of those trips, but we will also need to increase our retirement budget and income. Travel will be an important and big part of our retirement. Part of the reason of wanting to retire early is to be able to travel and be active before we are too old.

Life is about the experience, not about the things we have. We were very glad we discovered what we would enjoy during our retirement. Finally, we will now leave you with the song where we ended our wonderful trip - Anchorage.


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