Thanksgiving and Milestone

It is the start of the holiday season and on this very special day, we are very thankful for everything we have.

This year, we are thankful for:

- the roof over our head

It started snowing very early this year. I am very thankful we did not live in the area with 16 feet snow. Earlier this year, our house suffered damages due to hail and strong wind. Luckily, insurance paid for most of that and we now have a new roof and half of new sidings.

- family and friends

It is wonderful to have family and friends always by your side through good or rough times. We are thankful for family helping out when we need.

- wonderful trip in the wilderness

The trip to Alaska opened our eyes and firmed our goals of early retirement. It reminded us of all the greatness that is out there awaiting for us to see. It is not worth a lifetime to make money but to chained to a desk. It is important to live to experience.

- hiking 

It was the new found hobby of ours. It increased our activity level and helped us stay in better shape. It seems to be a nice thing to be closer to nature and appreciate what we have so close to us.

- reached another milestone

We officially reached 600k as of today. Exactly 600,000, 7 months after we reached the halfway mark of half a million. Market has been hype for the past month and we continue to save and invest. We are another step closer to FI.

It is Thanksgiving. We have food on the table and family around us. It is snowing outside. It has been a good year so far. There is nothing better than starting the holiday season with family.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving. And Gobble! Gobble!


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