Valentine's Day Special

This past Friday was Valentine's Day. It seems like all the holidays have been commercialized. Retailers took full advantage of this very day to push sales, from stuffed animals to shaving cream. Holidays are turning into an excuse of buying things or expecting gifts.

Mr Y was never romantic. Throughout the years we have been together, he bought me flowers four times. Well, I never really cared. I have always been very practical. Unlike many other women, I was never really into shoes, flowers, or chocolates. Mr Y always asked if he should buy me flowers but I always told him that flowers die, please buy me something that doesn’t. So one year, he folded blue roses out of paper. Truly, those were flowers that would never die. It was really not the flowers, but the thought that counted. Priceless.

The experiences were always more important to us than what money could have bought us. We do occasionally still spend good money eating out. After all, good food is also priceless. However, for this past Valentine’s Day, I cooked a special meal.

As you know, I am still currently seeking the next right opportunity, meaning I have been spending lots of time at home. We were not planning on doing anything special as it was a weekday and the weather hasn’t been exactly nice. I thought about cooking a three course dinner the very last minute. Good thing I always fill up my fridge. A few hours later, as Mr Y entered the house after a day of hard work, there was a Valentine’s Day special dinner.

Could the food be better at a fancy restaurant? Probably. But it was the thought and effort that counted. As we enjoyed our dinner, we enjoyed more of each other’s company.


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