We are back!

We took a long break from our blog. The last blog post just kind of ended when I ran out of things to write out. But I think it is time to start writing about this brand-new life we stumbled upon, after we moved the blog to a private repository a few years ago.

Shortly after we found the online community of FI bloggers, I was laid off. I started a stay-home-wife/retirement experiment. I soon realized that I was not exactly cut out for staying at home all day. I did start a new position not too long afterwards, but the commute was brutal. 1.5 hours one way on a good day. Talking about wasting away your life away on a commute, this would have been the prefect example. It was also that job, that allowed me to meet two wonderful ladies who traveled the world. They opened my eyes and led me to discover what I truly wanted for my life.

We were lucky to have been able to travel with National Geographic in the summer of 2014 to Alaska on a small group tour. That was the gateway trip to all our other future travels. The week that we spent in the wilderness made me realize that there was so much to see in the world, rather than just the desk I was chained to, more than 40 hours a week. The following year we decided to start working on our travel list. It also started our real travels (not that we didn't travel before, but these new trips were all once in a lifetime experience). In 2015, we went to Peru and Morocco, with a few shorter trips within the United States (Galena, Pittsburgh and New York).

All the different natural wonders, cultural differences, delicious food and wonderful people we met confirmed our idea of early retirement and financial independence. It also made me realize that I was no longer interested in climbing the corporate ladder. Along with Mr. Y, we were making decent income even though we might be on the lower tier compared to our friends. It became very clear that we wanted a more balanced work/life relationship. The long commute was certainly not the thing for us.

Mr. Y started working from home for a startup with a small pay cut. And one year later, I followed suit by making the decision of taking a job 7 miles/15 minute drive with slightly lower pay, but more vacation days than a my previous job. Even though the job would almost have no upward mobility, I was happy with the work-life balance it promised to offer. 

Within the past year, we were able to see more of the world: Oman, UAE, UK, France, Italy, Argentina, and Antarctica. The more places we have been, the longer the list has become. The world is just a big place, but our time on earth is so limited. It is a good plan to start early, to see the world and walk the earth as much as you can. Waiting until you're 65 is not ideal.

We started the blog years ago trying to witness our journey towards financial independence without too much success, but we now want to share our true-life journey instead.

Hello, world! We are back!!


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