Candy Crush Madness

Recently I heard on the news that people are spending nearly $650k on the popular game Candy Crush Saga in one day. (see original article here).

$650,000, that is right. That's a lot of zeros. It is more than half million a day and that is crazy. This leads me to think about all the things people spend money on and things I rather not to pay money for.

1. Games from App Store

It can be either from the Apple Store or Google Play. No, I do not pay for games I play. I do play Candy Crush though. So does Mr Y. We do spend quite a bit of time trying to beat levels. It does offer a free version without the boosts, meaning it might take you longer to go through the levels. As it is a form of entertainment (and a good time killer while in waiting rooms), it should not cost any money. Patience, people!!!!

2. Cable

I only had cable very briefly during college and that was all because it came with the internet for free. Between work, family/friends and sleep, it usually leaves about 5-6 hours a day. There is really no proper time for sitting down and watching TV. I understand that many, many people pay for the premium sports channels to enjoy sports because it is a big part of their lives. Pay per view and DVR, I do not really understand. Pay per view movies can usually be rented at Redbox for $1 a night (there are also many free codes floating around). DVR is a machine that allows you to record TV shows. Nowadays, many shows can be found 24 hours after it has aired on TV. So why bother having a DVR????

3. Music

I know there is the argument about supporting the artists. I did buy music from YouTube and independent artists from time to time. Most of my music collections are on Grooveshark, TuneIn, and Pandora. All those services are free of charge and have a lot of recent, new music. They do offer premium services at a charge. In fact, I am listening to my favorite songs right now while writing this post. 

4. Books

There are facilities called the library. If you pay your property taxes, your tax supports the local parks and library. You may say physical books are out of date (or dirty), but many of the libraries offer Kindle or other form of electronic book devices for loan. Amazon also offer many book for free of charge. So next time, before you hit the book store or click that buy button on your computer for a brand new book, try your library.

All the money not spent on things listed above goes to savings and investments. A dollar is a dollar. Looking down the road towards financial independence can always bring me the biggest smile on my face. 


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