Giving Thanks

As today is Thanksgiving, it is time to give thanks to people.

First and foremost, I am very thankful that my parents brought me up the way they did. I was raised with awareness about money - that it does not grow on trees, and saving was a ritual. I was given a debit card with a one year allowance at the beginning of the year starting middle school. This early money management training taught me the importance of savings. I also started saving more as I worked during weekends and summer during high school and throughout my college years. I understood that money did not come easy and allowed me to earn my independence. Without that, we wouldn't be that close to our retirement goals and enable us to start saving early on in our careers.

Second, I am thankful for Mr. Y as my wonderful husband. He has always been supportive and works very hard towards our goals in life. He always says that money can't give you happiness. He is totally right, as happiness is what you make out of life, not what money can buy. I am very glad we had been on the same page from the very beginning. We both save and invest towards our goal for early retirement through passive income.

Finally, I am thankful that I have a roof above my head and have warm meals every day. Life is not all happy along the way. We run into difficulties, but we overcome them. We grow and learn. Materialism does not bring true happiness. Happiness is what you make the most out of your life.

Let's all be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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