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Every so often, I start to wonder what I want to do in my life. Usually this question pops into my head when I experience too much stress. So recently, I started to question about my career. I haven't been working that long, slightly over 5 years. No, I am not a software engineer even though I married one. I have been in the world of Corporate Finance. I went to college and grad school to be trained in Finance, the world of money and risks.

Bean counter and number cruncher are among many of the other unofficial titles for my work. Working in Corporate America can make you easily lose yourself. Do I hate my job? No. Do I enjoy doing what I do? Sometimes. Do I get up every morning excited about work? Not really.

We have been told since we were kids that we should find a career we truly passionate about. But how many of us achieved that goal? Sometimes it is sad to even think about it.

Some recent events make me think about whether I should continue what I do for a living. My goal has always been retire at a much earlier age than average.

A week ago, I was being told that my current work engagement will end for me at the beginning of November. I will be lying if I say that I wasn't expecting the news. But having it actually happen to you is a different story than thinking that it will happen. Even though it was not performance related, it still hurt my self confidence a little. On the bright side, this will allow me more time to think about my priorities and test drive early retirement.

For the next few months, I will start test drive and report back my results. Stay tuned.


  1. I think about these things often. It's a tough balance between chasing a passion and making enough money to live. I really do believe that life is too short to waste doing something that you hate. And I believe there are plenty of opportunities to monetize a passion, if you're willing to grind. Let us know how she drives...


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