DIY Series: Kitchen Makeover Others

In the previous posts (cabinet and appliances), I shared our two large improvements to the kitchen: cabinets and appliances.

I will wrap up the kitchen makeover articles with a few other small projects.


Our faucet started leaking shortly after we moved in, but was still functional. Thus we did not change it right away until we found a Delta one on clearance at less than half price (around $70). It was an after dinner project for Mr Y.  The new faucet matched the color of the cabinets. Plumbing projects were never one of Mr. Y's favorites, so the installation process involved some frustration. But I had to say, for a beginner, Mr Y did a good job from just watching Youtube tutorials.

Faucet    $80-11% Mernards Rebate = $72
Plumbers Tape  $2
Supply lines      $6

Light Fixtures

All the light fixtures in the house were builder grade, meaning plastic and with a golden trim color. We were never too fond of gold colors. Luckily, we ran into some lighting deals at the hardware store, and were able to replace most of the lights at less than half the normal price:

Kitchen Light      $20
Eat-in Area Light  $30

Back Splash

This is still an ongoing project we yet to finish. We were able to score some nice big tiles at Costco. It just made me love Costco more. The only issue we did not anticipate was that the bigger and thicker the tiles were, the harder they were  to cut.

Tiles        $80
Ahichive   $35
Unsanded grout  $12
Tools    $80

So the rest of the projects costed about $337. Without all the appliance upgrades, we spent less than $500 for updating the kitchen, including a look for the cabinets, new lights, new faucet, and an added back splash. As always, Google/YouTube is always your best friend. There are always tons of do-it-yourself tutorials out there to help. Even though doing some of the projects were time-consuming and can get frustrating, the sense of achievement afterwards is really priceless.  

We, as first time home buyers, did not have much experience with DIY home projects. From our apartment days, it was at most changing the light bulbs. Now, we are on our path of learning to take care of and updating our lovely house that we call home. 


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