Three Day Rule - Avoid Impulsive Purchases

"How do you know if you really want that dress in the store? Wait three days. If you still remember, you might need to make the second trip and take it home." My third grade teacher told me that logic when it came to impulsive purchases. So, at a very young age, I started using the three-day-rule for any unplanned purchases.

Many times, we will walk into a store and fall in love with something. Then we will become unsure, as we may or may not need it. Impulsive buying is never a good idea. The three-day-rule always helps. It pushes the idea of owning the item right away to the side for a while. If it is truly something you want, it will not leave your head. By then, it will be easier to decide if the purchase should be made.

There are always two things in life: wants and needs. Living in such a materialistic society, there are many wants. The ability to control yourself towards those wants can set you on the fast track to financial independence. Of course, we should not deprive ourselves, either. From time to time, we should reward ourselves for small achievements, such as yearly vacations, for all our hard work.

We have been trying to avoid any unplanned purchases, even when grocery shopping. We always have a list of items for each store we go, and usually only buy the things on the list. The list helps us save time also. Our grocery shopping trip has almost become a grab and go. Many studies show that the longer you linger throughout the store, the more items you will purchase. Sticking to the list save both time and money.


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