Recap 2013

Time really does fly. It is 2014 already. 2013 had its goods and bads, ups and downs for the Y family. It has been overall positive. Before formally welcoming  2014, here is a brief recap of 2013.

We started this blog and formally started to track our goals for early retirement. As the birth of the blog, our goals became clearer and we became more focused. We started to looking into alternative investments besides traditional venues, such as P2P lending. We started to read many other personal finance blogs, which provided us with inspiration and reaffirmation of our goals. It is a great feeling knowing that we are not crazy and it is really possible.

We traveled. We took trips to Arizona and Wisconsin. We saw the red rocks and beautiful sunrises in the mountain. We enjoyed delicious food from food truck Fridays and bought fresh vegetables from America's largest producers-only farmer's market.

Mr Y landed his first freelancing job and did not complain the Christmas break was too boring. It might be a new beginning for his moonlighting career.

I turned 30. It was easier than I thought.

Not everything was that great in 2013 either. I lost my job and still in the process of finding a new one. That made us go from a DINK to a SINK. Not too pleasant sounding, I know.

Life can't be smooth all the time. We might be slowed down due to my jobless-ness for now, but we are still marching towards our goals with full confidence.


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