Thoughts on Turning 30

Hi Mrs Y here. I turned 30 last December. I am now almost 30 years and one month old. 30 has been a very mystical age for me. I always believed that turning 30 would transition myself into true adulthood. I had a goal of retirement at 30 when I was very young, before I realized that certain career paths were not for me. Of course, that goal did not come true. I have a more realistic goal of retirement by the age of 45.

When I turned 20, I had a weird feeling of saying good-bye to my teenage years. But it was also a feeling of more responsibilities and growing up. With the blink of an eye, there goes another decade. 10 years went by without feeling like 10 years at all. I got many things done though.

I met Mr Y.
I graduated college.
I went to graduate school and graduated.
I got my first job.
And I married Mr Y.
We found our first house and bought it.
I left my first company and moved on to my second job.
We set our goals on early retirement.
I lost my job at the second company.

Now upon turning 30, here are some thoughts I would like to share.

1. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies. When bad things happens, don't just feel sorry for yourself and do nothing about it.

2. The Earth will turn, with or without you.

3. Life is too short to be working all the time.

4. Don't take anything too seriously.

5. Enjoy small miracles as they happen around you.

6. Spend wisely, invest diversely.

7. Travel. Embrace the local culture and food. Try to be a local, not a tourist.

8. Have short term goals and long term goals. Adjust your goals and your investments from time to time.

9.What doesn't kill you might make you stronger, but what kills you make you dead.

10. Be good to yourself and be kind to others.

11. Money is not everything. It is more like a tool to achieve what needs to be done.

12. Please, thank you, and sorry go a long way.

13. Be realistic about expectations.

14. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is the present.

15. Treasure your family and friends.

16. Tell your parents you love them and give them a hug whenever you can.

17. Sit down and slow down from time to time. Breath.

18. Take care of yourself. Go to the twice a year teeth cleaning and do your annual physicals.

19. Don't be too hard on yourself.

20. We all make mistakes, but it is important to learn from it.

As I age, I learn and I grow. Above is a few thoughts I have learned. The first 30 years have been interesting. Life is a journey and I am waiting for what my life will bring in the years to come.

Happy life!!


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